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As part of a small community in Pompano Beach, Florida, Tecnoban is always committed to social responsibility and ethical behavior. Our goal with our customers and our suppliers is not only to purchase or provide products in the best reliable way possible, but also to maintain the highest standard of customer care in every transaction.

Although we are not subject of any penalty or fine related to environmental aspects, Tecnoban has been promoting and maintaining policies that guarantee a social and environmental responsible practice. We see our working place as we see our own homes. We know that with the right policies and guide everyone can contribute to minimize the impact in the environment.

Our job in social responsibility can be classified in areas as: Energy Conservation, Waste Management, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Safety and Health Workplace between others.

Energy Conservation

In recent years Tecnoban has implemented various measures to improve energy conservation, reduce costs and gain control over energy use in our business in accordance with the guidelines established by our utility provider. These measures have enabled us to reduce during 2012 our average use of KWH in +/-20% per month. Through the acquisition of new AC units we expect to see an impact of at least -3% in the KWH consumption for the summer months (June-September) for 2013.

Waste Management

In 2010 Tecnoban developed a waste management policy which basically consists of two major categories: Waste Prevention/Source Reduction and Recycling. The implementation of these policies has allowed us to obtain as per 2012 the recycling up to 70% of our waste. Our goal is to increase the percentage of recycle material per month in 3% by end of 2013.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As result of our continued commitment to waste reduction and recycling by the end of 2013 our company could achieve a reduction of GHG emissions of 3.8 MT of CO2 Equivalent according with the rules of US Environmental Protection Agency.

Safety and Health Workplace

Tecnoban recognizes that as an employer it has the responsibility to provide a safety and health workplace as much as our workers are entitled to working conditions that do not pose a risk of serious harm to them.

By adopting general standards like the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct (CoC); Tecnoban is constantly reviewing internal processes trying to eliminate or reduce potential safety hazards by making changes in working conditions if any.


The joint work of the management and employees in this matter has allowed us to maintain zero (0) work-related injuries and illnesses since established on 2004.